3 Reasons to Have High Ceilings

Man fixing the ceiling

Grand homes boast more than just a wide expanse of land. More often than not, such homes feature high ceilings to exude luxury and fine architecture.

If you have the good fortune of having a home with a spacious vertical height, planning for a high ceiling may be a great idea to create a more inviting and elegant space. Contrary to what most believe that high ceilings are a symbol of excess, they offer more practical benefits, as well.

Energy Efficiency

Supawood, an expert in architectural linings, notes that high ceilings add more than aesthetic appeal, they also improve a room’s ventilation and light. Designers would often add windows or ventilation systems to the top of the ceiling to allow natural light to enter and promote an automatic efficient cooling system. On that note, having high ceiling is friendlier to the environment as it helps you save on electricity.

Cohesive Design

Various architectural styles consider the ceiling to be more than just a fifth hovering wall of white or neutral. Many details, be it carvings, ornate patterns, or painted murals, can be installed in a ceiling to enhance the overall design. According to Houzz, the ceiling can either be an accent area or a way to blend in neutrals, so that space feels wider and more cohesive.

A Sense of Freedom

There is a wide body of literature supporting the benefits of having high ceilings. Not only do they promote clearer thinking, they also exude a sense of freedom and independence. Co Design reports that in various experiments, high ceilings have a positive impact on a person’s overall wellness and happiness, whereas low ceilings support feelings of limitation and confinement.

On top of these many benefits, high ceilings add value to a property, which attracts both luxury homebuyers and investors. But contrary to what most people believe, there are ways to install a high ceiling without breaking the bank. The trick is to find the right contractor and discuss a cost-effective way to make your dream high ceilings into a reality.