4 Bathroom Transformation Ideas That Everyone Would Love

What do you think is the second most visited room in the house? Next to the kitchen, which happens to be the most visited, the bathroom receives the second highest number of visits in a day. This is why the kitchen and bathroom are usual targets for renovation projects. If you’re among the many homeowners who have been thinking of renovating, perhaps these ideas could inspire you:

A Fresh Coat

If you want your bathroom to create a lasting impression to whoever uses it, then a fresh coat of paint may do the trick. Apply bright and happy colors to areas that have no tiles, such as the upper section of the wall or the ceiling. You’ll be surprised at the sudden transformation this endeavor will give you.

Retouch the In-betweens

The caulk and grout used to bind the tiles can become dirty and grimy over time. Although you can scrub off some of them, there will still be areas where they remain. It might be a good idea to apply a new thin layer of caulk after cleaning the area. This can hide the ugly streaks and leave you with sparkling fresh bathroom tiles.

Check Plumbing

A bathroom renovation is never complete without examining its plumbing system. A broken section of the plumbing can be a source of great annoyance and frustration. Check for leaks or damage and try to fix them yourself. If you don’t know how, then call a plumber. Pond’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning says that they are professionals who have the necessary skills and expertise in dealing with different kinds of plumbing problems.

Bear in mind that working on the plumbing by yourself exposes you to risks which, according to Popular Mechanics, could result in catastrophic mistakes.

Refurbish the fixtures

Replacing or updating these small bathroom implements can do wonders for your bathroom in terms of appearance. Replace your old towel racks, faucets, shower handles, and other small implements with new gleaming ones. You can choose from a broad range of model and finishing. Best of all, they don’t come at a high cost, so it can work even if you have a small budget.

There are many other great and creative ideas on how to transform your bathroom at a budget you can readily afford. Once done, you’ll be rewarded with a bathroom look that will undoubtedly look better and cozier.