4 Easy-to-Follow Steps When Installing Window Films

a man checking the window

There are many reasons homeowners prefer to use films on their windows. For example, most houses in cities like Dallas choose to install window film to add privacy and increase their house’s energy efficiency. No matter what the reason may be, window films can add great value to your home. But how do you install it?

Choose the film that you want

Pick the best window film that suits your needs. There are several types of window films available for different purposes. Choose one that’ll fit your budget and preferences perfectly.

Clean your windows

Ensure that your windows are clean and dry. Check if there are any visible dirt on the surface and get rid of them so the film will stick better. You may want to pat it dry as well until there’s no moisture left.

Cut and install the film

Get a pair of scissors or any cutting tool and cut pieces of the film. Leave at least 1/2” of space to ensure that you’ll be able to cover every part of the windowpane. Spraying water can also help. The water will make it much easier to put the film in the right position and even helps to hold it in place. You may then remove the backing from the window film and try to stick it to the window.

Flatten and start trimming the film

You may use a small squeegee to polish and rub the film onto the window. Doing so will help you push the air bubbles to the edges. If you don’t have a squeegee, you may use any card as an alternative. As soon as the film is firmly in place, you may now trim the edges.

A window film is a great way to change your home’s overall look. Choose a supplier that has a good reputation and provides excellent customer care experience.