4 Questions to Ask when Insuring Your Car

A miniature car being covered by hands

When it comes to taking an insurance policy for your car, you have the final decision on which auto and motorcycle insurance agency in Chicago, ILto work with, as well as what policy to choose. There are, of course, various options to choose from, and making the best decision may not be easy. Here are four top questions you can ask an insurer to be sure.

Should you buy gap insurance?

Gap insurance covers your car’s depreciation during the first two to three years after you’ve purchased it. Without it, you’ll most likely receive an amount less than the total value of your car should it be declared a total loss. Ask the insurer whether they offer gap insurance as part of their comprehensive insurance or whether you need to purchase it separately.

Do they cover peripherals too?

Many auto insurance policies only cover the vehicle’s engine, body, and glass, but there are some that cover tires, rims, batteries and other peripherals. Inquire from the insurance agent whether the insurance policy you’re about to buy takes care of these peripherals, or whether you need to purchase an added coverage package for them.

Does the policy cover rental vehicles?

It’s likely that you’ll need to drive a rental car at some point. Some car hires require you to purchase an insurance fee, but you can avoid that by purchasing a car insurance policy that covers rental vehicles too. And even if you do pay the insurance for the rental, you can be sure your car insurance company will reimburse you.

What membership discounts do they provide?

Most auto insurance agencies provide discounts for members of certain groups such as credit unions and AAA. If you’re a member of an established group that’s affiliated with the insurance agency, don’t shy away from asking if you qualify for any discount.

When buying an auto insurance policy, it’s essential that you make the right choice. The best way to do that is by asking relevant questions about the coverage you’re being offered.