Bankruptcy Filing: Creditor Harassment

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It can take some time for the Arizona bankruptcy court to process your final paperwork, and then send it to your creditors. As such, your creditors may keep calling you until they get the written notice. In this case, you may need a Little Rock bankruptcy attorney to notify and provide them with the case number. After all, verbal communication by a lawyer is as binding as a written formal notice.

When you file bankruptcy…

When you file a bankruptcy petition, an automatic stay goes into effect. With this in place, your creditors cannot contact you during the process. Once the court discharges your debt, it also prevents your creditors from claiming your old debt. In this case, they must desist permanently any attempt to collect your debt.

If your creditors continue to contact you…

Creditors typically abide by the rules and cease contacting you during the bankruptcy process. Some creditors, however, may not abide by the written notice and continue to call and even threaten, intimidate, and harass you. If this situation arises, inform your local bankruptcy attorney immediately and let them decide on the necessary course of action.

Filing bankruptcy is an ideal way to make your creditors stop contacting or harassing you. Before submitting a petition, make sure you qualify for a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.