Building Speed: 3 Useful Tips for Improving Running

Running in Naperville

Being good at two of the three events at a triathlon is far from ideal. As much as possible, you want to be comfortable with cycling, swimming, and running all at the same time. Of course, this is easier said than done. Many triathletes find it hard to run properly, even though they do well during the cycling and swimming phases of the competition.

For this reason, trainers from Naperville fitness centers have come up with three tips on how to improve the way you run. Check out these tips and develop your skill:

Run at Night

For most people, running is best done in the morning. After you stretch, a quick jog transitioning to a sprint seems like a very good workout. Now, if you’re accustomed to this, switch up the routine in the evening. This has a psychological effect in which you are more focused to run at night. Eventually, you become faster because of it.

Practice in a Group

It’s about time you stop running alone whenever you practice for a triathlon. In the actual competition, you’ll be cycling, swimming, and running with dozens of other people. Practicing in a group helps you be more accustomed to the setup. Moreover, seeing the people you run with pushes you to the edge. You become more acquainted with their pace and makes you analyze the moves you make. In the end, you become better at the craft.

Evaluate Your Form

Not all triathletes know how to run efficiently – and that’s because of poor form. Whenever you run, you have to factor in the way you move your legs, the way you wave your arms, and other movements. Every single thing about your form matters, so take the time to analyze this with your trainer. From there, improve on your weak points.

Running may seem basic, but it could be a real challenge at actual triathlons. Take these tips to heart and improve your training regimen so you can be a better athlete inside and outside competitions.