Causes, Remedies, and Treatments 
for Neck Pain

a woman touching her aching neck

Chronic neck pain can limit your mobility, which can affect your mood and daily activities. While some remedies can work, persistent pain and discomfort may require professional or medical assistance.

Today, many people prefer going to a chiropractic clinic for neck pain therapy.

Identifying the Root Cause

Apollo Health notes that before treating the problem or doing remedies, it is best to identify the root cause of your condition. This can be due to head or spine injuries, or a possible symptom of a disease. Visit the nearest clinic and undergo laboratory exams.

Typically, the medical staff may require X-rays or MRIs, especially for severe chronic pain. According to experts, they usually locate the cause of the problem on cervical discs, which consist of bones, ligaments, and muscles.

Common Causes

1. Bad Posture – This includes sitting in front of the computer for a long period, holding the phone between the ear and shoulder, or sleeping in a position without proper cervical support.

What to Do: Take a break from time to time and stretch out. Switch to a medium firm mattress. Be sure to maintain the curve in your lower back.

2. Lifting Heavy Objects – This can overstretch and stress your muscles, as well as cause a slipped disc.

What to Do: For muscle strain, you can alternate cold and hot compress daily. Gently stretch your head in the opposite direction.

3. Collision or Fall – Whiplash is a common neck injury that usually happens during a car collision. Usually, symptoms may arise a day after the accident.

What to Do: For a more natural approach, consider a chiropractic treatment. This non-invasive method involves spinal manipulation to realign the nerves and muscles.

These are just some of the things you should know when experiencing chronic neck pain. Get professional help to identify the root cause of the problem and discover the best treatment available.