Driving to the Future: What’s Next With Cars?

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It took about 300 years before the car we know today was engineered and built. Will it also take that long before we can ride in the car of the future? It seems that the prospect of seeing advanced automobiles is getting more likely, with the likes of Elon Musk pushing the boundaries of the industry.

No one exactly knows what the major carmakers are up to nowadays as far as advancements are concerned. Secrets are part of the industry, and the best that regular people can do is to patch up the hints given by carmakers and make wild speculations. Who knows when you will need to buy ultra-advanced, genuine Subaru accessories online? Below is a list of possible technologies that you may see on cars in the near future.

Advanced Communications

Communication is important while on the road. It promotes safety and efficiency in driving. Such communication system will allow drivers to communicate traffic signals and other concerns. This is possible, but no one knows if relevant systems are already in the works. This possible progress is further emphasized in an article on The Economist.

Advanced Headlights

Car enthusiasts are hoping that headlights will become “smarter.” Cars today use LED lights to save energy. Imagine how much energy you can save if your car uses laser headlights. High-end car brands are now developing this kind of technology.

Innovative Dashboards

If you’ve seen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, you will see that one of the cars used by Tom Cruise and Paula Patton has display functions on the windshield. This function will promote safety by displaying information about distance, proximity and traffic.

Don’t forget the self-driving cars. These automobiles are currently in the works, with Google at the forefront. These are only some of the technologies you may see on cars soon.

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