Equipment that are a Necessity in Every Farm

Big Tractor

Mechanization represents about 30% of the operating costs of any farm. This means that no successful farm business can operate without the right machinery. Thee suitable agricultural equipment is an essential factor for any farming business.

Before buying farm equipment in Australia, K-Line Ag notes that you should identify your needs. The specific design of your farm, budget, personal preference and agricultural activities will determine the equipment you purchase.

Regardless of all these factors, however, there is essential equipment that every farmer should own. Here are some of the must-have farm equipment for all farms:

A Compact Tractor

A compact tractor is undoubtedly the most iconic farming equipment available. Whether you are cultivating crops or rearing livestock, it is a tool you should have. Machines ranging from 15-50Kw are adequate for small farms. In addition to the appropriate compact tractor, ensure you buy the right implements to accomplish your task.

Harvesting Equipment

Harvesting equipment allows you to save on labour costs and time during harvest time. Harvesting equipment includes forage, potato, combine and beet harvesters. Most of these machines harvest an average of 150 acres daily. Ensure the harvesting machine you buy is well-equipped to meet your specific harvesting needs.

Livestock Equipment

Farm equipment for your livestock includes feed buckets, hay racks, feeder platforms and range feeders. The equipment covers every aspect of livestock farming from shelter, transport and food and water supplies. Livestock trailers move your animals from place to place and enhance your livestock comfort and safety. Nipples, water bowls and watering systems are a must-have for your broods, herds and flocks to get a constant clean water supply.

In addition to the above farm equipment, there are basic farming tools that no farmer can efficiently work without. These include a wheelbarrow, shovel, rake, digging fork and hoes. Ensure the equipment you buy is high-quality and adequately maintain them. The right farming equipment is crucial for a profitable farming venture.