For Parents and Pre-Teens: Easing Transition to Middle School

mom with her pre-teen daughter relaxing in bed

A child’s transition to middle school is a big change, which can also be overwhelming sometimes. This is why parental support is essential at this stage of a preteen’s life. Help your kids easily transition to middle school by addressing these three aspects of change:

New Lessons

Middle school is a step higher than elementary school, so kids expect that lessons are going to be more difficult. So they might be worried about how they could ace their exams or how their teachers would grade them.

What you want your kids to do is to embrace this level of difficulty. This way, you’re already prepping them up towards working harder than the usual. When you’re able to tap that attitude, they’ll learn how to strategize in tackling the academic challenges they face. This good academic training gets more amplified when you choose a charter middle school in Salt Lake City.

New Environment

Most of your children’s concerns are likely about how things in their new school play out. Remember that middle school is much trickier to navigate: different teachers and different classrooms on different subjects. So, it’s almost inevitable to get confused and overwhelmed by everything.

The cure for confusion though is information. Make yourself and your kids informed about schedules, events, etc. Attend the campus tours and orientations the school offers. Go over the student handbooks. The important thing here is to take in as much information as you can about the school.

New People

Naturally, your kids will also have anxieties about the people they’ll meet in middle school. Keep in mind that this is the stage where they terribly feel the need to belong to a social group. So, they would worry about how to make friends, who to eat with during lunch, how to deal with bullies, etc.

The best way to encourage your kids to be at ease in social groups is just to let them be social. There’s no other way but to let them dive into conversations, join sports teams and extracurricular activities, and face awkward social interactions head on.

Going to middle school is a big leap of change for your children. Support them in this life milestone by managing these three aspects of change.