Getting Your Roof Ready For the Cold and Snowy Season

Winter icicles hanging from eaves of roof

The cozy autumn season is almost ending. Before you know it, winter is officially starting. When that happens, you must ensure that your home, particularly your roof, is in its best condition. This is to protect your property, as well as your family, from the harsh and extreme weather condition.

Jaco Roofing shares some tips on how to gear up your roof.

Look for Leaks or Cracks

Check for any traces of leaks. It is easy to tell if there are any. One good indication is if you spot any water stains on your roof or gutters. Beware of loose vents or missing shingles, as these are considered the most leak-prone areas. However, don’t forget to perform a complete inspection of your roof to see which part requires replacement or repair.

Maintain a Clean and Clog-Free Gutter

Don’t let leaves or any debris block your gutter system. You must keep it clear and unobstructed, so that water could run smoothly down the drain spout. Don’t forget to check if the gutters are firmly attached to the downspouts. This is to keep the water away from your home’s foundation. Make sure you insulate the gutter properly to prevent ice buildup. It’s even better if you could install a gutter cover for added protection.

Schedule a Complete Inspection

To ensure that your roof is in the best condition and could withstand heavy rain, hail and snow storm, you should let an experienced roofing contractor perform a thorough inspection. This way, you could fix any problems with your roof as early as possible.

Aside from doing your own inspection, professionals could easily determine if your roof needs further attention. Just make sure you find a professional you could fully trust. Brace yourself for the winter chill by protecting your roof. Follow these three steps to prepare yourself for warm and comfy winter months.