Happy Smiles From Cradle to Grave: Life-long Dental Care

A dentist plays a vital role in your healthcare from the moment your first tooth appears. Whilst your dental health needs and priorities may change throughout life, your need for a dentist won’t. After all, taking care of your teeth and gums helps to take care of your body as a whole.


Bringing your child to the dentist from an early age has been proven to help prevent dental phobia later in life. Whilst all children differ, you should bring your baby in for their first dental check-up as soon as their first teeth start to appear. On average, this is around the age of one year. These first appointments will help to familiarise yourself with the practice environment and learn to see the dentist as a friendly face.

Harley Street Dental Clinic has a dedicated children’s dental team who know the importance of ensuring early visits to the dentist are positive ones. Preventative treatments such as fissure sealant and fluoride varnish help to protect your child’s teeth against decay, and early warning signs of orthodontic conditions can also often be spotted.


Orthodontic treatment is common during the teenage years, and may involve either a fixed brace or a removable aligner. Teenagers need to visit the hygienist regularly whilst wearing braces, to ensure that they know how to clean around them properly.

It is also important for young people to know the effects that a diet too high in sugars can have on their teeth. In some cases the dentist can even flag up symptoms of eating disorders, which can cause acid erosion of the tooth enamel.


The need for general dental care continues throughout adulthood. Again, prevention is always better than cure, and as well as keeping an eye on the condition of your teeth and gums, your dentist will check for early warning signs of mouth cancer at every check-up.

Some groups, such as pregnant women, require special dental care as conditions such as gingivitis are more common during pregnancy.

Older people

Advances in healthcare mean that old age no longer needs to equate with tooth loss. Your dentist will help to keep your remaining teeth healthy, as well as ensuring that any dentures fit comfortably and work well if you wear them.