Having a Peaceful Sleep: Ways to Stop Snoring

Woman distressed about husband's snoring

About 90 million Americans snore, but only 37 million do so regularly. It’s an embarrassing, inconvenient, and even dangerous breathing problem that can be a result of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), sleeping positions, and all the other unfavorable conditions in which people sleep.

Being overly tired or having consumed alcohol can also cause snoring. Inflammation of the nose and throat might be a culprit. For those who are desperate for a way to stop, here are a couple of methods worth trying.

See a dentist for remedies

One of the most common appliances for snorers diagnosed with sleep apnea is a mandibular advancement device (MAD). What it does is hold the lower jaw and the tongue in such a way that there’s enough space for proper breathing during sleep.

A good dentist here in Fredericksburg, VA can evaluate whether this option is right for you. Dentists may also recommend tongue-retraining devices for you to sleep better through the night.

Sleep on your side

When you sleep flat on your back, the base of your side collapses to the throat, which will make you snore. You’re not going to have this problem sleeping on your side. It’s just a matter of developing the habit then, possibly with the help of body pillows.

Losing weight

According to the National Sleep Foundation, if you are overweight and snoring, the best way to end this sleep disturbance for good is to get in shape. Unless you maintain the ideal BBM for your age, it won’t matter what position you sleep in.

Get ready for bed right

A hot shower opens up nasal passages, which will, in turn, prevent snoring. Drink plenty of water, but not alcohol. Quit smoking. Finally, don’t wait until you’re so tired to get some rest. Develop sound sleeping habits.

Snoring affects your quality of sleep, which can make you tired throughout the day despite having completed eight hours of shuteye.