How to Keep your Windows Looking New and Clean

Woman Cleaning the Window

As responsible homeowners, we always want our windows and doors to look clean and amazing. Different factors can affect your windows’ performance, such as extreme weather, the design of the windows, the materials used, and how you clean and handle the windows.

It is a must to hire window cleaning services in Sandy every now and then. You can follow some of the following tips to make sure your windows stay clean and streak-free if you ever decide to clean it by yourself.

Use Two Different Scrubbers

Never use just one scrubber for both the inside and the outside of your windows. It would be best to get two: one for the interior and one for the exterior part of your window. This way, you would not bring the pollutants and excrements from the outdoors.

Go Natural

If you’re looking for effective ways to clean your windows naturally, then opt for good old vinegar. Vinegar is a popular choice for cleaning windows as it prevents streaks from forming and cuts grease effectively. To use vinegar for cleaning your windows, mix 50 percent of it with 50 percent water to make sure the mixture is diluted and not too potent.

Dish Detergent

Another cleaning solution that you can use for cleaning your windows is liquid dish detergent. It automatically cuts the grease, dirt, and dust from your windows. The squeegee will also glide easily, as the glass will be left feeling slippery, making it a hundred times easier to clean.

Impress your guests and family members by keeping your windows clean at all times. Call the professionals and have your windows cleaned every now and then to make sure your windows will stay clean.