How to Prevent Clogging of Your Drainage

A woman fixing a clogged kitchen sink drain

Having friends and family over is always a joy. This is a time, which involves a lot of partying and merrymaking. And the merrymaking also involves a lot of cooking and eating, and the aftermath of all those could leave your drains all messed up. While you can get the services of plumbing service companies like, you also need to know the ways you can prevent having clogged drains.

Keeping your drain clog-free requires some discipline, especially in the way you handle food remains. The main cause of your clogged drainage is when you “feed” it with solid food remains. The following measures will help you in keeping it clog-free:

Flush your kitchen sink with hot water

Hot water helps in removing food remains stuck in the drain. It also melts the oils stuck up the drain, ensuring that it remains clog-free. You may mix the hot water with lemon juice, which gives the sink a pleasant smell.

Dispose of your oil in empty cans

Never pour liquid oil that remains after deep-frying in your kitchen sink. The oil sticks in the drainage systems, causing a blockage.

Never flush solid materials in your toilet

Solid materials like wipes are not flushable. When showering, always collect human hair and throw it in the bin instead of allowing it to go to the drainage. Solid materials cause blockage of your drain.

Having information on how to keep the drain clog-free may not be enough. You are not always around to ensure that the above is followed. However, clogging may happen. If you are unable to unclog it yourself, always enlist the help of plumbing services companies.