It’s Not Just for Vehicle Storage: Interesting Facts about Garage Doors

Facts about Garage Doors

Experts offering commercial garage door repair in Layton ensure quality service for different types of garage shutters. Their expertise enables professional technicians to fix problems on special garage doors. Working on different types of garage doors, these technicians are not strangers to unique door designs.

A1 Garage Door shares interesting facts about garage doors:

The Disappearing Door

A house at the foot of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland boasts of amazing Moabi wood layer on the exterior walling. The garage door’s wooden panels blend perfectly with the wall, creating an effect as if the door is disappearing when viewed from a distance. It also complements the overall exterior design, while providing solid security for the property. The door secures a large garage space for cars and other home furnishings.

The Wish-Granting Garage Door

A 91-year old man in Woodstock, Illinois has one thing in his bucket list: to smash a garage door with his car. Walter Thomas enlisted the help of his family to make this possible. He received an SUV as donation for clearing up his bucket list. As his family documented the event, he hit the gas, accelerated, and finally rammed through the garage. The video became viral, showing a satisfied Thomas still on cloud nine after the exhilarating experience.

Garage Openers as Evidence

Garage doors keep outsiders from entering the house. In Northwest Washington, there was a time that a garage opener became the crucial piece of evidence in an investigation. A murder incident occurred in the Savopoulos family’s house that took the life of four people. According to reports, personal items, furnishings, and even a garage door opener will be tested for DNA evidence. These will play a vital part in incriminating or acquitting the suspect.

These facts just prove that garage doors and openers have more roles than simply keeping your property secure. This is why hiring an expert commercial garage door repair service is important to ensure your garage doors and openers are working perfectly.

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