Keep Your Chimney Covered: The Stranger Things Found in Chimneys

Whether you have an electric fire or prefer firewood, a chimney is a great addition to a home. Chimneys have a nostalgic feel about them, the warmth of the roaring fire making the home feel cozy and welcoming. Just be sure to keep it covered, as you may find strange things stuck in there.

Chimneys need to be open to allow the smoke to escape. Unfortunately, it makes the area vulnerable to crawling things that inadvertently find themselves stuck inside the shaft. According to Cypress Metals, metal cutting company in Utah, you can easily fix this problem by adding a chimney cap. Chimney caps form a protective crown over your chimney and keeps dirt, rain, and animals out of your chimney.

Otherwise, you may end up finding strange things crawling in there. Here are some unfortunate instances of homeowners finding unwanted visitors in their chimneys:

1. A Rabid Raccoon

A man in Quincy Point, Massachusetts, discovered a raccoon nesting inside his chimney. When animal control captured the animal, tests reveal that it had rabies. The U.S. health department warns that homeowners living near raccoon populations should always cover their chimneys and windows to prevent the animals from entering their homes.

2. Spirit Wards

A homeowner in Stockton, California, found an old shoe inside his chimney dating back from the 1930s. He brought the shoe to a historian – it turns out that the owner of the shoe likely placed it there on purpose. The shoe functioned as a spirit ward, preventing evil entities from entering the home.

3. A Trespasser

In Iowa, the owners of a redemption center heard cries for help coming out of their chimney. When they police arrived, they took thirty minutes to extract the man, who was nude and covered in soot. The 29 year old claimed he was playing “hide-and-seek” and subsequently were stuck.

4. A Skeleton

Renovators at the Abbeville National Bank in Louisiana were in for a shock when they found the bones of a man inside their chimney. Investigations revealed that it was the remains of a young man who worked for the National Guard, who mysteriously disappeared in 1984. No one knows why he climbed into the chimney, but it took 27 years before the body was found.

Keep your chimney covered if you want to avoid finding strange things inside your chimney. It will keep home cozy and pleasant, without having to find unwanted surprises.