Luring Termites: What Could Be Doing This in Your Home

When pests come into your house, they are not just there for a visit. They intend on staying until they have used up all the resources in your home. Pests such as termites can be dangerous because they can eat away at the foundations of every structure. This leaves your house not only ruined but not suitable to live in. The worst part is that sometimes, you do not know it until a part of your house starts crumbling.

You might think that wood is the only thing attracting termites to your house. Here are what experts in termite control in Indiana point out as other luring factors.


While termites may munch on wood, it can also find taste in other plant-based objects such as paper. From books to old newspapers and cardboards, these pests will not hesitate to attack these items in your home. Once they find that an area holding a lot of paper does not get frequent visitors, you are sure to find an infestation at the place. Keep checking your storage rooms and keep the place free from moisture, another possible attractive element for these pests. Mulch or wood shavings in your garden may also be another plant-based object that draws pests in.


Ever wonder why termites seem to attack the inside of the walls first instead of attacking the surface in broad daylight? It is because they are afraid of the sunlight. Termites thrive in the dark and do not like exposing themselves in well-lit environments. Not only do they want dark and moist corners, they are also doing this to protect themselves from intervention. Keep every room in your house reachable with daylight and keep them ventilated.

Controlling pests involves changing their habitat. Make it unfavourable for them to live in and they will soon scurry away to the next house.