More Than Just Aesthetics: Why You May Need a New Toilet


Replacing your toilet is one good way to conserve water. It can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and even improve its safety. These are not the only reasons, however, to consider replacing your toilet. You need to watch out for other signs of damage that tell you it is time to invest in a new one.

Broken components

If some components or parts of your toilet are broken (like the interior mechanisms or flush handle), plumbing contractors in Salt Lake City note that it is advisable to weigh the expenses of buying a new one versus replacing the toilet parts.


It is common for toilet leaks to go unnoticed and neglected for a long time. This can cause water damage not only to the bathroom floor, but also to the subfloor. When left unresolved, it may cause you to replace the entire floor. You can always repair leaks, but if you have an old toilet, it is best to replace it.

Inefficient use of water

It is common for older models to affect your water bill negatively. This is especially true if you flush it frequently. If you want to know the age of your fixture, you can see the date stamp on the lid.

Old appearance

If your toilet doesn’t match the décor and color scheme of your space, it may be time to replace it. You don’t actually need to buy luxury toilets or those with smart features, but you can still do so if you have money to spare.

Uncomfortable toilet

If you have a problem with the toilet seat’s height or feel that it is too narrow or small, it is best to buy a new one. When looking for a new fixture, make sure that it fits you and your family.

There may be some DIY tips that can guide you on how to replace a toilet, but you should leave this task to a professional. This is because the new fixture needs proper plumbing to your drain system. This will help ensure efficient operation and prevent leaks.