Motivating Your Receptionist is Crucial for Your Business Growth

Smiling office receptionist

Typically, when clients enter your office, the first person they interact with is not your sales manager nor the marketing manager. Instead, the person your visitors meet when they come to your company is your receptionist.

So, while the role of the receptionist may seem minor in the greater scheme of things, it’s vital to keeping offices operating smoothly. In fact, the receptionist has the power to encourage business or rob the company of it. Treat your receptionist well, and you’ll have a frontline asset.

Here are ways to motivate your receptionist and show them you value their work.

Give them opportunities for promotion and personal development

Promotion opportunities are usually very limited. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse for not rewarding exemplary performance. You could either promote your receptionist to front desk manager or increase their roles in the company.

If you decide to increase your receptionist’s responsibilities, make sure the tasks are related to customer care service. If you can’t promote, start looking at opportunities for personal development, such as training sessions. Courses related to public speaking and communication skills are all great options.

Wages and perks

Your receptionist salaries should be consistent with other organisations’ in your area. Moreover, you can always reward performance by increasing their wages. Perks, such as occasional catered lunch and gym membership, will make your receptionist feel valued.

Working environment

Fostering a conducive working environment will improve your receptionist’s happiness and help them serve your clients better. If your receptionist stands for long periods, consider turning to an anti-fatigue mat manufacturer for a supply of ergonomic mats. This way, you can minimise the effects of standing for extended periods, such as minimised blood circulation, stress and discomfort.

The demands of front offices can expose receptionists to high levels of stress. To truly understand what your receptionists needs, hold regular check-up meetings with them and note-take of what they need. Responding to your employees’ needs is a great way to show them that you value them.