Natural Gas Facts You Should Know Today

natural gas plant

A lot of people have several questions when it comes to natural gas, and now is the perfect time to answer those questions. Here’s why.

Natural gas is a type of fossil fuel composed of methane or CH4 and a small percentage of hydrocarbons, which simply means that it comprises hydrogen and carbon compounds.

It exists in a gaseous state and is being used by more and more companies, industrial buildings, residents, and even electric power generations. It is the safest, cleanest, and most used form of energy.

Petroleum consultants and experts rave about it due to its advantages, and with its popularity comes many questions. Let’s discuss some of those questions.

Who are the largest natural gas producers?

There are three main countries that specialize in the production and distribution of natural gas: The United States, Canada, Iran, and Russia.

China, Russia, The US, and Iran are among those countries that regularly use natural gas. They are also the top countries who consume a large amount of it.

Why is natural gas better than coal and oil?

Natural gas, when burned, produces less nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide than that of coal and oil. Natural gas is less chemically complex compared with other fossil fuels, which makes it a great alternative to coal and oil.

Is Shale gas a type of natural gas?

Yes, it is. Shale gas is a type of natural gas we can find in shale formations or sedimentary rocks that are fine-grained. It can be deep within the Earth’s surface, but with today’s technological advancements, it is easier to obtain Shale gas. It is also more cost-effective.

Natural gas is here to stay — for 86 more years, at least. This is not a fixed number, so industries must do their part in conservation and sustainable development.