On School Food Nutrition Programs: Should You Put Confidence in Them?

Canteens are one of the most crucial areas of any school.

Not only does it serve food to your child, it is also responsible for providing the right nutrients. But, more often, parents still worry about the food quality.

Thinking about it, you would never know how well-cooked something is if you are not the one who prepared everything, right?

But according to Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, school food nutrition is only a matter of choosing the right institution. If you enrolled your child in the right school, you can be confident in it, from the facilities to school canteens.

School Food May Not Be as Personalised as Packed Lunch, but…

They are just as healthy. A well-structured school will have an in-house nutritionist to ensure that every child gets his or her required daily nutrients. Some schools even go beyond food presentation to encourage a student to eat their vegetables.

The School Food Menu Does not Come From Ready-to-Eat or Instant Grocery Ingredients

Aside from ensuring proper nutrition, school canteens follow a set of rules. All ingredients must come from a particular source to meet the standards. This ensures the quality of the ingredients.

Nutrition Standards Constantly Change and So Does School Food

Depending on where the school comes from, the department of health will have yearly nutrition guidelines. This will include suggested food diet that schools must follow at all times. This also promotes a healthier and balanced way of nourishment within the school.

Branded Foods Sold in Schools are Generally Healthier

To encourage a student to eat, some schools partner with favourite food brands. The good thing about this is the food have lower fat, sodium and sugar content — for healthier eating.

Good food is not only limited to the home. If you look closely enough, it is possible to find ones that are just as good as healthy home-cooked meals.