Plastic Welding Techniques You Must Know

Thermoplastic Welding Rod

Plastic is arguably one of the most common and important materials in production so far. Since it takes so long to deteriorate, it is eco-friendly to repair and re-purpose your plastic as much as possible.

Different plastic welding techniques not only come in handy when repairing cracks and damages but are also useful when fusing pieces of plastic to fabricate something new, Keene Village Plastics notes.

Thermal Welding

Thermoplastic welding rods for sale are a common thing because thermal plastic welding is one of the most common solutions in the current market. Thermal welding is not only straightforward but also a technique that uses simple welding tools that are easy to come by.

The two most important thermal welding techniques you must learn are:

  • Hot gas welding. This technique uses a plastic gun that has a heating element. The heating element heats gas and directs it to the welding surface. Your work as the welder is to apply your plastic welding rod onto the surface so that it melts creating a perfect bond between the two.
  • Hot plate welding. This technique uses hot plates to heat up the two surfaces and press them together. Once they melt, the pressure is maintained until they cool, forcing a perfect bond.

Extruded Bead Welding

This welding technique injects a layer of similar welding material between the surfaces before pressing them firmly together. The welder counts on the temperature of the bead to partially melt the surfaces and form a perfect bond once it is dry.

The following are other welding techniques that are not as common because they need advanced equipment to implement:

  • Friction welding
  • High-frequency welding
  • Laser welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Spin welding

Knowing the basic plastic welding techniques is more than enough, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast or just somebody working with a simple plastic foundry. If this is the case, thermal welding and extruded bead welding are the trades to perfect on.