Pointers for Creating a Realistic Catering Equipment Repair Budget

Well equipped restaurant kitchen

Delivering quality foods to your clients on time is the cornerstone of all catering businesses. The key to ensuring you meet this crucial goal lies in your equipment. Even the best catering equipment, however, breaks down once in a while and can significantly impede your business.

Kent Catering notes that factoring in the costs of your catering equipment repairs in your overall budget estimates is the only way to ensure your Kent business does not suffer the effects of breakdowns.

Conservative and over-the-top catering equipment budget estimates can nevertheless leave your company with substantial losses. Here are a few strategies for making the perfect repair budget.

1. Use budgeting and tracking tools

Various types of software can help you estimate the costs of repairing your equipment. These take into account factors such as the number of employees and frequency of equipment use to come up with a reasonable estimate.

Increased sales, for instance, will add stress on your equipment, thus necessitating frequent equipment repairs and maintenance works.

2. Establish a baseline for your costs

Most caterers dedicate 1–3% of their sales to repair and maintenance of equipment. This percentage varies based on your equipment’s warranties, manufacturer, and age. Establishing a baseline of your repair expenses will help your business weather economic slowdowns and reap from business booms.

3. Create an emergency fund and maintenance schedule

The preventive maintenance expenses of your equipment are predictable. They also cost less than unpredictable equipment breakdowns, and you can get an exact price for them from your repair expert.

Include these maintenance expenses in your budget and have an emergency fund for your unexpected breakdowns. You can get a good discount if you use the same company for both undertakings.

A good repair budget will save you loads of cash in repairs and lower the overall costs of keeping your business running. Partner with the best company you can get to do these repairs. This will ensure you suffer no costly downtimes and that you keep your clients always satisfied.