Responsive Design Problems to Avoid At All Costs

The fashionable and pretty nature of responsive website templates is an obvious requirement. Nevertheless, is this the only reason users will find your website irresistible? With the fast-paced evolution happening in the responsive web design arena, there is no such thing as just one approach working forever. In fact, something new emerges every few months. According to experts, there are several responsive web design mistakes to avoid.

Not looking beyond the layout

Having the right layout is great, but this is not the only thing about optimising for mobile. Reputable Brisbane web design companies like Expose Media can attest to the fact that mobile has brought new patterns, possibilities and uses. Talk to a reliable web designer and see how you can leverage on all of these.

Hiding some content

With the emergence of small screens, web design has taken a new dimension. While it opens doors to new platforms, it also presents challenges to designers. Interesting tactics have emerged as a result, the most infamous one being hiding of content. This is not only unethical, but also punitive to the user. There is no need of limiting the functionality when many users are now using mobile devices. It will only serve to downgrade your credibility among the masses.

Removing the magnification feature

Have you ever tried to magnify a page and it failed? Many Brisbane people make this mistake all the time and it can turn out to be very costly.  The feeling for the user is inexplicable. If you want your visitors to come back, leave the zoom feature intact.

Insisting on desktop-oriented design

Some people still design for desktop first, before considering the responsive environment. Such an approach will usually result in navigational issues and loss of content. What should you do? The solution lies in making mobile design the priority.

There is nothing like being the best at responsive web design. However, avoiding basic mistakes such as the ones shared here will often ensure that you are getting it right. Eventually, your website conversion rate will increase.