The Essentials Of Water Hardness Broken Down In 5 Steps

Hard water from a faucet

If you’ve ever looked inside your household plumbing, you’ll see a system of pipes, fittings, and gauges that connects the water to your kitchen, shower, or to the sewers beneath. You may have encountered equipment called a water softener that’s sometimes installed in such systems. Plumbers from¬† would agree that¬†water softeners help a lot in drain cleaning, laundry, and other household applications. How does a water softener work and what is its purpose?

1. Understanding Hard Water

Water can naturally come from underground. As it flows through the earth, it comes into contact with minerals like calcium and magnesium. These two elements are what makes the water “hard”, and sometimes hard water can come into your household water supply.

2. Effects Of Hard Water

Hard water has different effects when it is used in the household. For instance, using it in doing laundry or dishwashing won’t result in clean, fragrant clothes as compared to when you use purified water. It’s because the soap detergents react with the minerals in hard water instead of dissolving, building up into unnecessary soap curds and deposits.

3. Replacing Minerals With Sodium

For water softeners to remove the minerals from the water, they have to exchange them for something else. Water softeners do this by applying sodium, an element present in salt. These minerals get flushed down along with excess sodium, and only a brine or salty solution is left. When there is only a small amount of sodium left, this is what is called soft water.

4. Water Softener Controls

Water softeners and their mineral tanks can be operated with electronic means. You can set a schedule that will tell it to flush down minerals and retain soft water. You can also link it to a computer system to show much water it has processed. The mineral tank inside can recharge on its own as well.

5. Helpful Household Innovation

Water softeners are modern innovations that have helped households with providing soft water. This soft water is the water ideal for washing and bathing because you won’t have sticky soap film on your clothes and body anymore. Once you get one, you’ll never go back to using hard water from the tap again.