The Three Common Problems That Homeowners Should Watch Out For When It Comes To House Foundation

a crack on the wall

Whether you’re living in an old home or considering purchasing one, there are several factors that you may think about before signing the check. Specific factors such as the condition of the foundation are just a few of the many things that you may want to check. Although several foundation repair contractors like Van Matre Construction, LLC can do the job, it’s still important to know the most common foundation problems so you can avoid it.

Here are a few of the most common issues when it comes to home foundation and how you can eliminate them.

Leaky plumbing system

Plumbing leaks can cause moisture to seep into the soil, which can cause foundation problems in the future. The uneven moisture level found in the ground that surrounds your house’s foundation can cause it to contract and expand unevenly, which then leads to foundation cracks.

Poor drainage system

Poor drainage system can also cause the soil to contract and expand, leaving your house’s foundations with cracks. Ensure that your gutters are free from any debris and that the soil slopes opposite to your house, so the water gets directed away from your home.

Pest infestation

Other factors that may cause damages to your house’s foundation are termites and other pests. These insects tend to bore its way to your homes can cause significant problems to the strength of the foundation. You should watch out for any signs of rodents, especially in the attic and in the underfloor.

These are just a few common problems that people may encounter in their house’s foundation. You may want to consider a construction company that can help you with residential construction and repairs your house’s foundation if necessary. Always try to check for any signs of damage before it gets any worse. It’s still best to fix these things before it further affects your house’s foundation.