The Unique Properties of Marine-Grade Plywood

Stacked thick plywood

Several kinds of plywood are available for different types of construction. One of the best is marine-grade plywood. This type of plywood is generally used for boat construction but has a place in other construction projects.

Several elements set marine-grade plywood apart from the regular plywood in the market. The wood is virtually defect-free and made of western larch or Douglas fir. Here are other elements that make marine-grade plywood stand out.

Resistance to Various Elements

When used as a subfloor or floor, marine-grade plywood will resist warping, rotting and shrinking. Moreover, the material will withstand humidity or moisture. This property makes it the ideal choice for bathroom and kitchen floors since it contributes to a moisture-free environment.

Ability to Bear Heavy Loads

Marine-grade plywood has at least five layers compared to other types of plywood, which generally have three. These layers are bound using a waterproof adhesive that allows it to hold up heavy loads in addition to repelling moisture. However, it is not excessively thick. The layers make the material extremely durable when used for floors.


Marine-grade plywood is available in various levels of thickness. Regardless of the thickness level, this plywood is far easier to cut and bend compared to regular plywood of a similar size. This makes it the first choice for the construction of awkward corners and cabinetry among other tight spaces.

Though marine grade plywood is generally more expensive compared to other options, the given properties make it worth the cost. Still, many scammers in the market sell ordinary plywood as marine-grade plywood. Hence, you should deal with a reputable supplier to get the right product.