Tips on Maximising Your Small Office Space

The workplace environment affects the employees’ productivity. Sure enough, a small space may cause stress to the employees. Imagine working in a small office where books, papers, desks, computers, tables, and chairs are all over the place.

However, the professionals in office interior design in London can provide you with some tips on how to overcome the dilemma.

Replace the Large, Heavy Furniture

Did you ever think about the dark-coloured and oversize furniture in the office? Probably not. The furniture may be trendy or even traditional, but they fill up the limited space in your office. The dark colour may trick you to believe that the place in which they sit is small. Consider replacing the furniture with lighter coloured ones. Better yet, go for furniture made of lightweight materials.


Gone are the days when you used to pile stacks of paper and files on the desk. Save some space by transferring the work to the computer; go paperless.

Flexible Spaces

You can create more space by buying flexible furniture and designing the office with flexible spaces. For instance, you may consider replacing the concrete walls with folding ones. That means you can use the office for many purposes, such as seminars, workshops, and meetings among others.

Flexible spaces also help you create separate working areas for the employees. Movable chairs, tables, and cabinets help create space for some other uses. There is a variety of furniture equipped with rollers or small wheels to ease portability.

Different Workplace Spaces

The improvement of privacy and collaboration among the employees are important. As such, you can create different working zones for the employees within the office. For instance, a private area can be a small space for one person while a working group area can be equipped with long couches or tables.

A limiting office space should not prevent you from carrying out your duties. Interior design experts are ready to help with your problem.