Top 3 Factors to Consider When Buying Boat Covers

boats with cover in pier

Boat covers are essential in winterizing your boat for the inevitable cold seasons. Apart from that, they protect your boat from scratches, dents and so on, hence boosting your boat’s lifespan.

But for you to achieve these benefits, you ought to play your cards well when getting a cover. Here are some important factors you must consider when buying your boat cover.

1. Fabric

This is the most crucial element that you must remember when buying custom-fit boat covers. Some of the most common fabrics include polyester, cotton, polyvinyl and canvas. Your boat requires a cover that protects its furniture from dampness and mold.

You also must consider a material that protects the color of your boat from the sun’s UV rays, which causes it to fade. An even better cover has got a particular fabric that keeps rodents and squirrels at bay, which are detrimental to your boat’s interiors and furniture.

2. Size and Shape

Another seemingly obvious but key factor to note is size and shape. At times, working with estimations can make shopping for your boat cover a daunting task. Boats come in different sizes and shapes depending on its intended purpose.

So, ensure you take accurate measurements. Note them down on a piece of paper and don’t forget to take photos of your boat. This makes the work more comfortable for the dealer in helping you choose your preferred boat cover.

3. Color

Go to a supplier with a variety of colors and enjoy the freedom of choice. Most boat owners usually prefer dark colors, such as blue and black. This is because they protect paintwork from fading.

But while dark colors insulate your boat color from harmful rays, some people would instead go for their favorite colors in a bid to accentuate the beauty of their vessels.

Remember, many boat owners have considered a plethora of factors when going for a boat cover purchase. But, incorporating the tips mentioned above boosts your boats overall value giving you the most out of your asset.