Types of Concrete Reinforcing Products

reinforcement mesh and steel grid in construction site

The mesh is structured in a rectangular or square grid pattern to form a laminar or flat sheet. As a standard practice, these sheets are made with the dimensions of 6m in length and x 2.4m in width. This makes it easy for you to get a perfect replacement in case of damage.

Although concrete is the most preferred method of construction, it still comes with a major limitation. It has extremely weak tension. That is why it is not capable of bearing the shocks and weight of usage over time. This is where the use of a concrete reinforcing mesh comes in handy to add stability, which results in the greater strength of the concrete.

Here are some concrete reinforcing products you may consider:

Concrete Reinforcing mesh

concrete reinforcing mesh helps by increasing the ability of the concrete to bond; therefore, minimising concrete cracking, which occurs due to shrinkage of the concrete. This reinforcing mesh has a firm structure and an even flat surface. Its application includes the construction of masonry walls, road surfaces, concrete building, quarantine caging, large animal enclosures, gabions, and other fence types.

Concrete slab mesh

Also referred to as reinforced and welded wire mesh, the concrete slab mesh is made from galvanised stainless steel. This mesh has properties, such as high rigidity, high strength, and rust and corrosion resistance. It is primarily used for the construction of roads and buildings’ foundation to help improve concrete adhesion. It also helps in increasing the bearing weight and in the prevention of concrete cracks.

Reinforcing Rib Mesh

This type has a ribbed profile, which helps in increasing the level of concrete bonding to eliminate any chances of cracking due to shrinkage. It is suitable for use in a variety of applications. These include precast panel construction, concrete footpaths, and commercial or industrial ground slabs, as well as residential footings and slabs.

Before choosing any concrete reinforcing product, there are some factors that you must consider. These include the evenness or unevenness of a place, the thickness of the concrete element, the size of the structure, and the intended use of the structure being reinforced. This will ensure that you have a functional and durable concrete structure.