Types of Skips for Domestic Use

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Waste management is an essential part of eco-conservation. The first step to total waste management is an efficient waste collection system. To enable this, waste management companies produce different types of skips. These are sometimes called dumpsters and can hold large quantities of rubbish before waste collectors haul them.

Most people erroneously assume that skip hire service is a preserve of commercial projects. You should know that skips have a broad range of uses for residential areas as well and offer an efficient alternative to many bin bags. Here are some of the skips you can hire for your domestic use:

Mini Skip

This skip holds waste totalling to about two cubic meters, which approximate to 30-35 filled black bin bags. A mini skip is ideally used for garden tidy-ups and room or shed clearance. It can also clear up debris from small home improvement projects. It is suited for all forms of non-hazardous mixed wastes.

Midi Skip

This holds approximately four cubic meters of waste, which equates to 65-70 filled black bin bags. Midi skips are the ideal options for garden landscaping and most DIY home improvement jobs. This skip measures approximately seven feet long and can hold long items, including radiators and doors. Some midi skips come with easy load ends, which can be used with a wheelbarrow.

Maxi Skip

This holds about eight tons and seven cubic yards of mixed waste and large items. They are typically used for major home renovation, house clearance and big excavation projects such as digging foundations. Most maxi skips have drop-down doors for easy loading.

Be realistic when choosing the best skip for your project. If you are not so sure, it is better to go for a larger skip since overfilling a skip might attract fines in some places. Before ordering the skip, find out if your area requires any special licences and be sure to comply. Most companies might charge extra fees for plasterboards and plaster as well.