Using a Fridge: Must-Dos to Lower Electric Bills

opened empty refrigerator

Refrigerators are an important addition to any modern home. However, they are also considered as one of the appliances in the household that increase electricity consumption significantly. But did you know that there are ways you can lower your electric bill when using a refrigerator at home?

Refrigerator Facts vs. Myths

You may be thinking that using an old refrigerator is wiser than spending a lump sum for a new one, but that’s not true.

New refrigerators are more energy-efficient than old models and can save you at least $100 on annual electricity consumption. Although you have to keep in mind that high-end refrigerators, like those with auto-defrost systems and ice-making capabilities, consume more energy than new models with plain features.

You don’t save money by unplugging the fridge for a few hours or at night. This only makes the compressor do more work, as it has to reach the required temperature again once plugged back. Refrigerators are not designed to be unplugged every now and then. Moreover, this practice puts food quality at risk.

Hot to Lower Electricity Consumption with Refrigerators

1. Position the fridge correctly.

Remember that there must be enough space for air circulation when you position your refrigerator. Poor air circulation causes the compressor to work hard and use more electricity. Therefore, you must ensure there is space between the back of the fridge and the wall.

2. Always clean your refrigerator both inside and out.

Remove dust from around its coils at the back of the fridge to allow air to come in. Get rid of clutter inside for proper air circulation. Doing so also means less work for the compressor, as it won’t have to cool too many items at one time. Defrost whenever ice build-up is one-fourth inch thick.

3. Inspect for leaks.

Leaks can tremendously increase your electricity bill. Check the seals on the fridge door by placing a bill or any piece of paper between the fridge and the seal. It’s a good sign if the bill feels tightly inserted when you pull it. Otherwise, there is leak and you need immediate fridge service Salt Lake City.

4. Use the fridge wisely.

Obviously, opening the door frequently or for long periods of time will cause cool air to escape and the compressor to work again. Unless you need something from the fridge, keep the door closed.

Never crowd the fridge too much because this affects air circulation. Also, make sure that the foods you place inside are properly covered or packed to avoid moist from escaping, which is another task for the compressor to cool.

You can enjoy the benefits of a refrigerator without worrying about your electric bill. Follow the above-mentioned tips to save on electricity.