Want to Turn Your Attic into a Living Area? Do These First

attic room with sofa and book case

If you need a new room or living space, but do not have enough budget for additional construction in your home, then going for loft conversion should be in your books instead. However, there are a few things that you need to do first before starting your loft conversion in your Bromley, Kent home. Experts from Pro Renovations Bromley Lofts share the following tips:

Know What You Need and Want

Before talking to a contractor, make sure that you know what you need and want in your new living space. For example, if you are looking to convert your attic into a guest bedroom, then determine where to put the furniture, what colour scheme to use and where to place the storage units. The more prepared you are, the faster the project will be finished smoothly.

Interview Your Contractor

Make sure to interview your contractor first and ask the right questions regarding your home renovation project. You would want a company that has been in the industry for a couple of years. Read reviews online and ask around for recommendations to be sure that you get the best of the best.

Learn about the Building Regulations

It would also be wise to know the building regulations for your loft conversion. You should follow these rules for your safety. Some of the most common building regulations revolve around the minimum headroom above the staircase, plumbing, fire escapes, electrics and wiring, the strength of the floor, glazing, and thermal efficiency. You can ask the contractor if they will be the ones to secure these for you.

Do check and research online before going ahead with your loft conversion. Good luck and may you have a successful project!