Where Is the Best Place to Put a Bird Feeder?

wild bird feeder

If you’re looking for woodpecker or hummingbird feeders for sale, JCs Wildlife notes that knowing where to place them is one of the things you should make sure of beforehand.

A good location makes it convenient for the birds to see the feeders and also let you observe them with ease. It should also be at the right spot to prevent pesky animals such as squirrels.

Location Is Key

Most birds won’t come near the feeder if the surrounding area is unsafe. Put it at least 10 feet away from trees or shrubs. This provides them with a place to hide in case a predator comes close. If you have a pet cat, be sure that it won’t have access to the bird feeder.

Birds may stay longer than just to feed if you install a birdhouse, where they can seek shelter or build a nest. Remember to place them in a conspicuous yet hard-to-reach place for squirrels, since they are known to eat eggs.

If more than three weeks have passed and you don’t see birds after taking all the necessary steps, look for another spot for the feeder that’s near flowers or other bright colors. These will help in catching their attention.

Garden Maintenance

A well-maintained backyard improves the chances of seeing more kinds of birds, and this requires you to prune trees and shrubs. Depending on the size of your garden, it may cost around $411 on average in the US for professional tree pruning services.

By making sure your backyard has healthy shrubs and strong trees, birds will not think twice about seeking refuge there on a regular basis.

Bird feeders are a relaxing way to enjoy the sight of many winged creatures, but it takes some effort and patience on your part to lure them into your backyard.